Foster Parent Trainings

Foster Parents always need continuing education hours, and support groups and trainings are often the best way to fulfill those requirements. Foster Source provides varied training seminars for continuing education and provides appropriate childcare. Topics of training seminars include basics of parenting children with trauma, repercussions of fetal alcohol syndrome and drug exposure, as well as trainings on parenting children of a different race, choosing the right therapy type for your foster child, and in-depth sessions regarding different therapy options. We are always looking for new topics to cover. A major component of both our support groups and our trainings is that these events are always free, and we always provide safe, free childcare. This makes a huge difference for foster families, as childcare is rarely provided by counties and agencies, and if it is, there are very few spaces available. We often hear from our attendees that the childcare availability, the new topics of the trainings, and having the trainings on weekends are what drew them to our services. These are all factors that make us different from counties and private CPAs.