Family Advocacy

Research shows that common sources of stress among foster and kinship caregivers revolve around the topics of financial hardship, children’s well-being, interactions with the child’s biological parents, social support, mental health support, and working with professionals. Research is clear that there is an urgent need to provide more comprehensive and accessible support for kinship caregivers in the areas of improving the family’s financial positions, accessing other welfare services, increasing social supports, parenting help, and advocating for the family with other professionals.

We routinely hear that foster and kin parents feel they do not have adequate support in the above listed areas to continue to do what they do. This can ultimately lead to disruption of placements or families living in crisis mode. We hear caregivers address that they often feel like they are on an island of their own as they navigate their role. Our Family Advocacy service is intended to take a holistic approach in helping meet the individual needs of each caregiver or family unit. Through this service, our goal is to help families stabilize and thrive, increase foster/kinship parent retention, and ensure caregivers feel empowered in their roles.

Family Advocacy is ideal for kinship caregivers, new foster parents, foster or kin parents who are facing various challenges regardless of how long they have been in their role. It is a voluntary service, free to you, and intended to last three to six months. You will be matched with one of our family advocates who will help create a meaningful service plan to meet your unique needs. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • assistance navigating and/or accessing resources 
  • help navigating benefits 
  • understanding the process and language of foster/kinship care 
  • someone to attend court with you
  • budgeting assistance  
  • one-on-one support
  • parent coaching
  • help understanding your legal rights and responsibilities
  • advocacy with other professionals 

To be learn more about this service and/or be matched with one of our family advocates, please email