Kinship Families

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Who are Kinship Caregivers?

Kinship caregivers are relatives, friends, neighbors and other people with a significant relationship to the child, youth or family. Kinship caregivers provide care and protection to children and youth who cannot remain safely
in their home due to issues including, but not limited to:

• child abuse and neglect
• substance abuse
• incarceration
• mental health
• domestic violence
• death of a parent
• financial hardships
• military deployments

Kinship Family Foster Care – Kin who are caring for children or youth who are involved in a child welfare case and are in the legal custody of the county department of human/social services. These kin meet foster care certification requirements although some non-safety certification standards may be waived.

Non-Certified Kinship Care – Kin who have not met the foster care certification requirements or have chosen not to pursue the process. Legal custody is with the parent(s), kinship caregiver or the county department of human/social services.

Informal Kinship Care – An arrangement made within the family or with friends and does not involve child welfare. Custody may be with theparent(s) or the kinship caregiver.

As kinship caregivers, you are not alone. You are a member of a large and growing community of caring people in Colorado.