In an attempt to stay focused on our mission of helping foster parents foster better and longer, we are currently only accepting requests from CERTIFIED foster and kinship families. You must list your certifying county/agency. Thank you!

Our statistics show us that four items have widely dominated our request list. Thus, moving forward, our practice will shift to primarily providing only the following 4 items:

1. Weighted Items.
2. Car Seats.
3. Mattresses (Families and counties/CPAs can purchase mattresses at cost thanks to our partnership with Mattress Firm. Scholarships are available on a limited basis. Contact us to use this program.)
4. Bunk Beds.

Our hope is that the upcoming FAQs section on our website will empower families to find smaller items as needed. We will continue to consider special requests. We will still have donated diapers for distribution but will not be delivering and/or ordering and shipping diapers. We are happy to share any donated diapers directly with counties, CPAs and families that would like to store and distribute them.

We appreciate your patience as we navigate these changes in 2020. Our priority remains educating and nurturing foster families to soften the child welfare experience.

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