Foster Source is a fabulous resource for foster families and foster children, offering up not only trainings, support group and special events but connections and a community. Foster Source is headed by a foster-adoptive family that understands that knowledgeable and supported foster families are successful foster families.

Fun fact: My adopted daughter came to me from a Foster Source connection. I provided respite care to her, after meeting her previous foster family at Foster Source, and when she needed to be moved, because of our already established relationship, she moved to me. Without Foster Source, I never would have found my daughter!

Jessi B.

My husband and I decided that we wanted to make a difference, so we decided to open our home to foster/adoption.  With two kids placed in our care, we found it extra difficult to get the continuing education requirements without either sacrificing time with each other or being way from the two who needed us most.  Then we came across Foster Source! We came for the education, but we truly have gained so much more.  We have built relationships with other foster parents, had the opportunity to share our story and voice our foster care concerns directly with local elected officials, and learned how to handle difficult issues.  All while our two foster kids enjoy a safe morning of fun and play in room next door. Foster Source helps bring the needs of the children and foster parents together seamlessly.  Every foster parent should have Foster Source as part of their community. Thank you, Foster Source, for being there for us!

Candace and Joel B

Foster Source has been an amazing support for my family!  They have offered multiple support groups for foster parents like myself!  We were able to meet other people going through the same unique challenges that my husband and I were being foster parents.  We have attended very informative classes about tough topics and we learned valuable information and tools we could apply because Foster Source made the classes available to us!  Foster Source helped our foster son get a weighted blanket when we couldn’t afford to get him one and even helped get us in touch with a person who was giving away a free crib bedding!

Becky F

Foster Source has been an incredible resource for our family. We received a newborn infant and the hospital informed us that our carseat was expired. We quickly had to purchase a new one. About a month later we received another infant. If you have children you know that carseats are a big expense. I remembered speaking to Renee at Foster Source awhile back and she had mentioned that they had an extra carseat, so I decided to contact her. She did, indeed still have a carseat! A few days later she contacted me and said she had a swing and a saucer and asked if we wanted them. She drove to my house and dropped them off. Foster Source has been a lifesaver for us. Not only has Foster Source been helpful in finding items that we need, we are incredibly grateful that they were able to bring the items to our home because leaving the house with two infants can be challenging. Receiving a new child into your home can be overwhelming and filled with sleepless nights. Renee had such great timing when she showed up to my home with an incredible spa basket! That basket was such a kind gesture and it gave me the extra energy to keep going in the middle of the night or during the day with crying babies. Foster Source is a wonderful resource for foster families not only by offering to find items for children, but also by providing ongoing trainings and fun events for families.
Jan M

What a difference Foster Source has made for foster parents, not to mention us personally.  Just over a year ago I saw a posting regarding “Foster Source”.  Of course we were instantly intrigued.  They were announcing that trainings were coming with free childcare.  Shortly after that I saw another posting for foster parents asking if they were interested in free bikes for their foster children.  I was shocked to get an email back indicating that we could pick up five bikes for our foster kiddos. Our admiration and appreciation for Foster Source continues to grow immensely. We have participated in many of their free trainings that have always provided childcare as well as support group gatherings for foster families. (Since we are a foster family that specializes in sibling groups, this is incredibly helpful for us).  Their trainings have been diverse and informative as well as providing an environment for foster families to network and encourage support to one another.  We have also attended fun events for the children such as summer bouncer with ice cones and Chicken Lips Comedy at the Comedy Works.  They also brought one of our favorite authors, Ashley Rhodes-Courter, for a wonderful presentation. Foster Source has provided so many families added support in furniture, recreation passes, weighted blankets, and so much more.  Foster Source has become near and dear to our hearts as their mission statement is such a needed niche for foster families and one that meets so many needs within the foster care community.
Rob and Margie W

I wanted to pass along the many compliments that I receive from my foster parents. Many of our families have attended your trainings and they LOVE them! I’ve heard that they like the different topics, the locations are great and the child care on site is most helpful!  We appreciate all the support you give to our families and we thank you for everything you do!
Foster Care Case Manager, Ariel Clinical Services