Foster Source Therapeutic Services

Mental health services for foster parents are a critical tool to keep foster parents fostering. In early 2020 we began sponsoring virtual mental health sessions for foster parents. When our feedback showed that these services prevented foster parents from disrupting placements, even during the pandemic, we knew this program needed to continue. By the summer of 2020, we added an equine-assisted parenting workshop for our foster parents as well. 


Leader of the Herd – Equine-Assisted Programming

Workshops for foster parents of traumatized children in partnership with Groundwork Ranch.
As prey animals, horses are a lot like traumatized children; their survival depends on heightened awareness and knowing who to trust. That’s why working with horses offers a great opportunity for practicing parenting skills that are critical to developing a sense of safety and creating a healthy, healing home environment for foster and adoptive children who have survived trauma. Parents learn and practice essential skills for managing challenging, trauma-based behaviors.